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Michigan Sunroom Installation on a Log Cabin by All Seasons Sunrooms Plus in Macomb County

Hi, my name’s Mark Malloy. I’m with All Seasons Sunrooms Plus, located hear on Hall Road in Clinton Township, Michigan. I’d like to talk to you today folks about  sunroom products on your Michigan homes. A lot of people don’t realize 3 out of 4 Michigan homes can have a sunroom installed and a lot of people think that what they have they can’t do a sunroom when they can.

I had a  customer recently come to me. He called me and said he was exhausted at trying to get this project done. He had three previous appointments with other Michigan sunroom companies out to his home. He lived in a log cabin. We were able to go out there, assess the situation, and come up with a solution, to install sunrooms on not one but two sides of his log cabin. It’s something that he’s absolutely ecstatic about. He’s taken two porches that were unusable and  now they are completely usable. His wife is ecstatic. They took over one room. They had the kids put their things in the other room with the play station, what have you.  And he is, like I said, static about the whole sunroom installation project. So if you are in a situation thinking that you would like to enclose an area would like you to give us a call and let us come out and show you our sunroom product line and we could maybe help you out.

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