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Michigan Custom Sunroom Replaces Log Cabin Porch in Algonac

Hi, Mark Malloy with All  Seasons Sunrooms in Clinton Township, Michigan in Macomb County. Happy to showcase another custom Michigan sunroom that we built here in southeastern Michigan. What this is an existing porch on a log cabin home in Algonac, Michigan. These folks here were very frustrated, using this porch for nothing more than a lot of maintenance every year; paint and sealer and what have you. They had the porch and they wanted to utilize the porch.  But you know what, with Michigan and the inclement weather and then the bugs, a lot of people are just trying to stay out of the sun these days.

So, here was a perfect opportunity to be able to utilize this space on a year-round basis by simply installing these custom walls underneath. Once that part is completed really all that is left is a finished floor covering and once the floor goes down, you know this room, folks can be used for just about anything. So once again, if you have a porch that, you know that is in your home and you’d like to be able to use it a little longer give us a call and we’ll come out and see what we can do for you. Thank you.

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