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Fix Up Your Old Existing Michigan Sunroom and Build a New Custom Enclosure

Hi, I’m Rebecca Malloy with All Seasons Sunrooms Plus, located in Clinton Township, Michigan. I’m here today to talk to you about the sunroom that you may have in your Michigan home right now that’s not usable.

At All Seasons, we build custom sunrooms and enclosures. We also fix old existing Florida rooms, sun porches, if you will, to make them more comfortable.

A lot of times people have an older Michigan surnroom that’s just old technology. It’s hot and it doesn’t breathe and it’s unusable space and with the economy, the way it is in Michigan, many people are opting to fix those sunrooms up. We also fix sunrooms, enclosures and florida roomsthem. We do full sunroom repair. We also repair spas and we can make any outdoor space comfortable. So, if you are looking to get more enjoyment out of your summer season, give All Seasons Sunrooms Plus a call at (586) 493-4000.  Visit us on the web at

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