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Algonac Log Cabin Custom Sunroom Design and Build

Hi. It’s Mark Malloy with All Seasons Sunrooms Plus, here today in beautiful Algonac, Michigan to show you one of our latest sunroom design and build project. This was a log cabin home situated, here amongst the trees. These folks had a couple of existing porches that were becoming a lot of work and not giving a lot of pleasure out of. And they had called us out to see what they could do about it closing up with an All Season’s sunroom.

As you can see behind me we took these porches that were used very little year round and closing them with our sunroom system and being able to utilize these almost all year. And what we’ve done for these folks is taking a sunroom design and build project that they thought couldn’t be done. And we had it built to their specifications. We customize it to do a couple of things. First, when you drive up to this home you can see these porches take up a lot of space on the home. So the aesthetics were very important to them. They wanted to make sure that it was something that was pleasing to the eye and kind of accent the home. Now, by doing a lot of custom work on the sidewalls here, you can see we have all glass, which lets in more light, and it is very important to them to transfer that light into the home. But as you can see, we now have two  spaces that are utilized year round, and is very enjoyable for the customers. So folks, don’t hesitate. We can do any sunroom and enclosure project.  Prices are at a historical low. It doesn’t matter if you have a small sunroom or enclosure project or a large sunroom project.

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